Skineco and EcoDermoCompatibility

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Longé cosmetics follow the philosphy of Skineco, the International Association of Ecodermatology.

This scientific association was founded in 2008 by the doctors Riccarda Serri and Pucci Romano with the aim of introducing a new approach to dermatology: EcoDermoCompatibility. This new concept takes into consideration two important factors: the Ecologicality of the components a cosmetic product or a fabric ( the biodegradability and respect for the environment troughout the production chain) and, something completely new, the dermocompatibility, or the real affinity of the finished product for the skin.

The Skineco – friendly companies must formulate products that reflect the principles of EcoDermoCompatibility. The mission is to guarantee seriousness and correctness. Therefore, all products of the friendly companies (or at least 80% of the ref. total) must be INCI EcoCompatibile and have an “EcoDermoCompatibile formula”

The INCI and the products will be evaluated and tested by the scientific committee.