Longé IDRA Hydrating face and body cream


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  • Longé IDRA Hydrating face and body cream


    Longé Idra is a soft and delicate hydrating body and face cream.
    For all skin types, including highly sensitive and/or irritable skin, which tends to be dry with the formation of micro wrinkles. It preserves the skin’s hydro-lipid balance, to obtain moisturised, firm and smooth skin.

  • Longé LABI PLUS


    Nourishes and protects dry, sensitive and chapped lips.
    LONGé LABI PLUS Protects lips from potentially harmful atmospheric an enviromental factors.
    For immediate and long-lasting protection and nourishment  apply by gently massaging over lips several times during the day.
    In the case of extreme dryness, also apply in the evening with a delicate massage over the lips and lip contour. In this way, the Longé Labi Plus repairing formula works at its best, and also protects and soothes lip contours. Thanks to its effective safe formula, it is also recommended for children.

  • Longé PLUS Nourishing body and face cream


    Longé Plus is a nourishing and moisturizing body and face cream. For dry, very dry, rough skin, lacking in softness, sensitive and irritable with wrinkles and poor in lipids.
    Also recommended after exposure to sun or cold and in cases of dryness with itchiness and desquamation.